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The Mike Hoff Podcast Series

Top Tips & Hacks to Scale Up Your Business

Mike's Mission...

is to give freedom back to ceos around the world


My name is Nicholla Henderson Hall and I'm your host for the Mike Hoff podcast. Each episode we will explore the four major decision areas every company must get right. Those are people, strategy, execution and cash.


Welcome to the Mike Hoff podcast. It's our mission to give you, the business owner back your freedom and allow you to grow your team and your business in a sustainable, manageable and more enjoyable way.


Mike shares will us insights and experiences in achieving success in these areas, along with some great tools and techniques that all aim to help the business grow, but most of all make you, the business owner not feel so trapped.

Episode 1

come and meet us

1-1.pngThis is the introductory episode to the Mike Hoff podcast.  In this podcast Mike shares his journey from corporate general manager to entrepreneur.As your business grows and its potential is unleashed, it's so easy to become the center of it all where every decision centers around you. Where every process needs your involvement. And every person relies on you to drive the business.

Episode 4

Situational leadership

4-2.pngIn this episode, we start talking about leadership models. Now, there's a big drive these days about growing people through coaching, and one of these leading topics is called 'Situational Leadership'.Mike shares with us the fact that in a lot of businesses these days, they over-complicate leadership,  So in this episode today, we take a deeper look at the four-step process to situational leadership.

Episode 7

bhag & strategy

7.pngMike talks to us about strategy, what it looks like, what it means to a business, and how you can go about achieving it. Strategy is all about achieving desired goals and ultimately it drives the scope and direction of the business, but it's a bit bigger than that when it comes down to the planning of it. It's about getting clear on what it is we are going to be selling, what are resources are, and how we will actually go about it.

Episode 2

from founder to ceo

2.pngIn this episode, Mike and I talk about and explore the subject about moving from founder to CEO and the big concept in here is all about leadership. What does leadership mean to you?  Do you recognize your own leadership style and are you able to adapt? It's a very interesting concept and a key ingredient in helping you grow your business, but also moving you from the mindset of founder, to CEO.

Episode 5

leadership IDEOLOGY

5.pngIn this episode we talk about what the best companies can do in terms of getting clear on their core ideologies, getting clear on what their why is, and getting clear on their values.We're doing all of this because its this core ideology that builds and sustains a healthy business, and this is what Mike will be sharing with us today. He wants us to understand how great leaders think from the inside out and not from the outside in. 

Episode 8

Execution & focus

8.pngIn this episode, we talk all about execution and what that really means. It's the part where we act. We've done our planning. We've got our team, but now, we're talking about bringing this all into play. The keyword here is "focus". We need to be clear on what our desired outcomes are that we want This will all be covered including a checklist called, the Rockefeller Checklist. It is a health check for your business and a critical part of your toolkit.

Episode 3

the leadership mindset

3.pngMike shares with us the leadership mindset. What it looks for, how employees should perceive it and what is the mindset of a great leader? He introduces us to the concepts of a multiplier and a diminisher and how both styles can have an impact on the growth and direction of the business. This is a must listen to podcast if you truly want to take your leadership to the next level and beyond

Episode 6

getting your team right

6.pngMike shares with us the power of the team and how it is important to get the team right. It's one of the toughest parts of the business. He talks to us about when you're looking at your team and at the individuals in the team, you're looking at how well they live up to their values and how productive they are. He also shares with us a tool called the talent assessment form, which you can download and try out for your team.

Episode 9

know your cashflow

9.pngNow cash is the fourth and final element in the scaling up program, but because it's the fourth and the last, it certainly isn't the least important. Mike talks about the cash conversion cycle, and the download for this tool is in the show notes, and I recommend that you download it for this episode as Mike walks us through this document and explains the different areas and how important it is, and how to use it.