Episode 9

know your cash flow

In today's episode, we talk about cash. Now cash is the fourth and final element in the scaling up program, but because it's the fourth and the last, it certainly isn't the least important. In Mike's experiences, he has found that many companies see their cash flow as a second thought, and this is detrimental to our business. He says it's important that we know on a daily basis what our cash flow is. We should be clear about what money's coming in and what money's coming out, very much like a household income budget.

For this episode, Mike talks about the cash conversion cycle, and the download for this tool is in the show notes, and I recommend that you download it for this episode as Mike walks us through this document and explains the different areas and how important it is, and how to use it.

This episode also marks the end of the podcast series with Mike on scaling up your business. At the end of the podcast, Mike shares with us some actionable points that we can take away from this podcast that he would like to help you to implement in your business. He also shares with us some additional information about how to get in touch with him and how he can help you grow your business.

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