Episode 8

execution & focus

In today's episode, we talk all about execution and what that really means. It's the part where we act. We've done our planning. We've got our team, but now, we're talking about bringing this all into play. The keyword here is "focus". When we focus, we need to be clear on what our desired outcomes are that we want from our execution.

To help in this process, Mike shares with us the importance of prioritization and what that means and what that looks like. He helps us understand metrics, the keys to success, ability for us to measure what exactly we've been doing, and ultimately, putting a time stamp into this so we have a clear end date of when this execution of this goal takes place. This will be covered in this podcast as well as a checklist called, the Rockefeller Checklist. It is a health check for your business and an awesome tool to have in your business toolkit. I will let Mike explain everything.

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