Episode 7

bhag & strategy

In this episode, Mike talks to us all about strategy, what it looks like, what it means to a business, and how you can go about achieving it. Now we know that strategy is all about achieving desired goals and ultimately it drives the scope and direction of the business, but it's a bit bigger than that when it comes down to the planning of it. It's about getting clear on what it is we are going to be selling, what are resources are, and how we will actually go about it.

Mike also introduces us to another concept called BHAG - Big Hairy Audacious Goal - and this is all about going out there with a long 10 to 15 year vision of where you would ultimately love to see the company. Now that's a fairly big mission to achieve, but it can be done and Mike takes us through the conversation around that. He also then breaks it down into more manageable parts because obviously, a 10 to 15 year goal isn't at this present moment and we need to think about what we can do right now to help us drive towards it.

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