Last Wednesday (5th July 2017) was the last session of 12 sessions over 12 months and I can't recommend MHC enough to each and everyone running a business WITH a plan to grow, take the business to the next level and simply SCALE-UP.

  • After how long shall I expect results? Once you implement what you've learned... took me couple of weeks only to start feeling the difference and lift the team spirit
  • Is it worth the investment? Every single Fils and minute
  • What to expect after one year? Achieving your goals and as a start, you will get to identify your real goals.
  • I am too busy to spare 12 days a year to plan and grow my business - Then you are the one who needs this the most! After Scale up, I work efficiently 5-6 hours a day, 5 days a week and I am more productive!

Thank you, Claire, for all the support throughout the year. You have been a great coach.

Thank you, Mike, for coming on Wednesday and for a great talk about situational leadership.

It's just the beginning to have more wagging tails!
Tuleen Jundi
Owner, Pet Station

After running my marketing business for 10 years, I felt like creating a website “”. I knew, for my next business, I needed to go back to basics and learn from the experts. Verne Harnish certainly knows about setting up and growing successful businesses. I’m thrilled to be part of the Scaling Up programme as we learn, step-by- step, how to grow our businesses.

Corina Cross
The People People

As the owner and Managing Partner of two businesses the Scaling Up programme has really helped me focus on where my businesses are now and where I want to take them. The business tools provided, coaching and the peer networking have been of great value and are assisting me to Scale Up both of my businesses. I would highly recommend the Scaling Up programme to all business owners who want to take their business to the next level.

Fiona Swaffield
Owner & Managing Partner – Siren Events & MY PA

The Scaling Up programme has been a game-changer for me! I’ve been running a micro-businesses for almost 5 years and whilst it’s a great concept I haven’t really understood how to maximize it’s potential. Alongside this I have started a new business and it’s been fantastic to learn these practices whilst actively making them the basis of my new business. By learning from the team at MHC (and the other members of the programme) I am now starting to implement actions to help me achieve the realistic goals I have set for myself. As a micro-business owner, I tackle most things by myself, but the Scaling Up programme has given me a room full of mentors and a solid sounding board for my ideas, my problems, my solutions.

Sian Rowlands
Aspiring Astronaut

MHC’s Scaling Up programme offers common sense advice backed up with critical accountability.

Much like a person trainer in the gym, putting in the effort with MHC has made an immediate return on my investment in a couple of weeks that would cover 4 year of the programmes membership.

For anyone looking to formulise process, go back to roots and take their business to the next level, I recommend the Scaling Up programme.

Chris Morley, MD
Unified Microsystems, Dubai