AwakeAre you a Business Owner who..

  • Has grown their Company to a size where HR support is needed but are not yet in a financial position to recruit a full-time HR Employee?

  • Is confused over local labour laws and are not sure what you need to comply with?

  • Has employment questions that you just cannot find the answers to?

  • Is struggling with a high turnover of employees and/or have disciplinary issues?

  • Feels that they are wasting time in the Ministry of Labour dealing with Employee issues?

  • Know you need an Employee handbook book to explain Company policies but are not sure how to write one?

  • Would like to improve company culture but are not quite sure where to start?

Why not remove this pain, get a good night’s sleep and leave your HR issues to a HR professional.

At MHC we are experts when it comes to outsourced HR services, delivering the flexible, practical employment support that your business needs. 



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