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Slow down, relax and let business flow

Anyone running their own business, regardless of Company size or how long you have been in business, will know the immense pressure they feel to keep business flowing in, finding new leads and seeking out others that can help recommend their services. 

Running your own business often comes with hidden expenses that add to the pressure – the pressure increases tenfold when you have the responsibility of employees.  Add to this that its tough business world out there now, it’s no wonder you can let things get slightly out of kilter. 

Panic can creep in and you forget everything you have learnt about finding and getting new business.  Networking in the region is a huge business development opportunity that you must leverage from.  It takes time, it hardly ever brings immediate closed business, but works when you give the right amount of time and effort.

 Here are my 3 tips to remember when networking either in a group or one to one:

Desperation is not attractive

People can see panic and it’s not something we are drawn to.  Its human nature to be drawn to success, who knows, it may rub off on us!  Panic and desperation is not a great selling tool and one we move away from, we need to know why your product will work, we are unlikely to buy if the only reason for doing this is because you need your first sale or you are finding it tough at the moment. 

Take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are projecting confidence and success, are you attracting the right types of people to you or are you attracting people who are equally as in need of help as yourself?

It’s not all about you

How many times have you been at a networking event or had a one to one meeting where you spend the whole time hearing about the other person and their product/Company and never get asked what it is you do? Is this something you are doing?

It’s incredibly frustrating and I’ll let you into a secret, part way through your “spiel” the other person stops listening and the phrase “ask about me” repeats on a loop in their head, you know when this has happened as their eyes glaze over and they start looking around for the nearest exit.  There is a reason humans have 2 ears and 1 mouth, a good point to remember. 

How can you share leads if you know nothing about any other Companies and have bored everyone with the whole history of your Company from inception to potential financial crisis? We need to have confidence in your Company to recommend it and would like a referral in return, but how can you do this if you know nothing about what we do?

Be magnanimous and celebrate other success

Green is not a good colour on you!  You should celebrate others successes rather than “why them and not me”.  Be excited to hear all about their success, be happy for them and ask them a few questions on how the deal closed and how long it took, you will be surprised how long some deals take to close and you could learn a few lessons from someone who has just been through the process.

Running your own business is not an easy task.  We can learn from others that have been running their businesses for longer so save making the same mistakes they have.  To do this, you need to network, ask questions and listen to the answers.  Relax a little bit, don’t be so hard on yourself and you will start to see business flow towards you.

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Claire Donnelly

Written by Claire Donnelly

A Business Growth and HR Strategist helping medium size companies to Scale Up using proven systems. Claire is an MCIPD qualified Human Resource professional, with 25+ years’ experience working within various industries and 10 + years’ experience of HR practices throughout the Middle East. As a HR Generalist she has held a number of senior and Board level HR positions. She is experienced in working at both strategic and tactical levels.

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