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Love what you do for a living

Do you jump out of bed in the morning, ready to face the day and get to work? Or are you lying in bed after the alarm goes off, dreading having to face another 8-hour day, another trip to the office?

Waking up with dread in the morning doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. What makes the difference is having a purpose and finding your passion. Once you have done this, suddenly you can’t wait to jump out of bed in the morning. When you’re following your passion then work isn’t just work, it’s something fulfilling and exciting that you look forward to doing.

You don’t need the demotivation of having a boss looking over your shoulder, your colleague waiting on that report, or the Company politics.  Instead there is a strong internal motivator that helps you get things done. And it’s a lot more powerful than any pressure from your boss or the promise of financial rewards.

But how do you do this?  Here are a few considerations to help point you in the right direction:

1. It’s About More Than Just Money

Making a living is much more than just money. Yes, you need to bring home a big enough salary to cover the bills and have enough left over to have some fun and save for a rainy day. But that’s not all that counts.

Your life should be about more than how much money you have or how big your house is. When you start to think about it, that really isn’t what makes us happy. Yes, it’s nice to have enough so we don’t have to worry about making the next rent payment or going food shopping, but that shouldn’t be our only reason for making a living.

2. Work Should Be Fun

You spend a large amount of time at work every day. For most people that’s 8 or more hours five days a week. That’s a lot of time to be doing something you don’t enjoy.

Work should be fun. Time flies when you’re having fun and not only will you get a lot done, you’ll feel good about what you’re doing.

And what about the people you work with? Are you enjoying hanging out with your own little work community? You spend a lot of time with these people and whether you like it or not, there is bound to be a lot of social interaction throughout the work week. Shouldn’t you enjoy being around the people you work with?

When you live with purpose and follow your passion, you’ll find other people with the same or similar “why”. It’s much easier to connect with them and build a strong work community than with a group of strangers who are only in it for the money.

When I found my current community some time ago, everything changed for me, everyone is there to help and support you and they also have my back and I have theirs. It’s a completely awakening experience.

3. Work Should Be Fulfilling 

When you work on something you’re passionate about, your job suddenly becomes a lot more fulfilling. Having a job or business that fulfils you is important. It’s good for the soul and it helps your feel that what you’re doing is making a difference.

Job fulfilment is an important key to feeling happy about what you’re doing and how you’re spending your time on earth. We need to feel like there’s meaning to what we’re doing. That’s why it’ is crucial to find your purpose and create your job or business around it.

4. Work Should Raise Your Self Esteem and Your Self Worth

Have you ever been in a work situation where you were constantly put down? Your boss kept telling you that you were no good and did everything he could to undermine your self-esteem and self-worth? If you have then you know it’s not a good situation at all.

Work should raise your self-esteem and give you a feeling of self-worth. If you know without any doubt that you’re fulfilling your purpose and doing something that’s important to you, you’ll get good at it and the people around you will notice.

You’re giving it 150% all the time because you’re internally motivated. And with that you’ll start to feel great about yourself and what you do. You’re making a difference and with that come all the self-esteem and self-worth you ever need.

5. Work Should Make You Happy

Work should make you happy. As mentioned earlier, you’re spending a lot of time each week making a living. Make sure it’s something that makes you happy. And guess what? As you start to follow your passion, work becomes more fun, more fulfilling and you’ll start to feel better about yourself as a person. And with that comes happiness.


Finally, an important aspect of why you should find a purpose-driven job or business, and that’s to create something that survives you. We only have a limited time on this earth. Life doesn’t last forever, but what you choose to do for a living can have an impact that outlasts you.

 We are social creatures with a conscience. That means it’s important to us to touch the lives of those around us in a meaningful way. Think about it… doesn’t it make you feel good when you can do a favour for someone else? There’s a reason behind the “Random Acts of Kindness” movement. Remember reading those stories of people in the Starbuck’s drive-thru paying for the coffee order of the person behind them? We do it because it makes us feel good.

And if you think doing something kind for a stranger on occasion is powerful, just wait until you find your passion at work and start to create a legacy that will affect people for years to come. That is truly powerful, and it can happen when you start to follow your passion and create a job or business around it.

Following your passion and creating something that’s meaningful far beyond a salary, helps you create a legacy that can reach far beyond your own circle of influence and outlast you. That’s pretty powerful stuff, wouldn’t you agree?

There are important reasons to find a job or business that helps you fulfil your purpose and is based on what you are passionate about. If you’re not there yet, it can seem a little daunting to switch careers or go from a job with a steady salary to a business where it’s your responsibility to generate enough income that you can pay yourself.

I hope this article gives you the motivation and encouragement to explore those options and start walking a path towards a more fulfilled and purposeful way to earn a living.

If you would like to take the next step in your journey towards understanding your Purpose and explore how you can do that, you can book a time to talk with me by clicking here

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Mike Hoff

Written by Mike Hoff

Over his years as a senior manager, Mike developed a passion for learning and development and has a reputation for developing high performing teams and managing performance, especially during challenging economic times. He has a proven strength in energising teams towards strategic goals and getting them moving in one direction, aligning them to the overall strategy of the business. Additionally Mike has been successful through his coaching and mentoring efforts, in developing individuals to their full potential. His energetic style, passion for people development and effectiveness coupled with an in depth understanding of business at both a strategic and operational level creates a unique blend.

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