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Deborah Appleford

Deborah is an individual and corporate professional profile writer with over 14 years of sales and 6 years international recruitment experience, specialising in turning strengths into assets. After completing her Law degree, she started her career in the banking sector, becoming a mortgage advisor as well as a trained coach before moving into Recruitment in 2010 both in the UK and Dubai which is where she began identify that there was a niche area not currently being serviced in professional profile writing. From there, Vignette Consultancy was born which is a business that assists professionals and companies looking to create a strong profile and covers a range of services from CV and LinkedIn writing to Website biographies, Company brochures, LinkedIn training workshops as well as interview coaching.

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How to get your CV to POP!

There are currently a huge number of people looking for a new job.  This may be down to their being made redundant or needing a new challenge, but suffice it to say, Companies are being inundated with CVs. 

So just how do you get your CV to POP to the top of their short list?

This blog is written in conjunction with Deborah Appleford, the amazing CV and LinkedIn Guru and Managing Consultant at Vignette Consultancy.  As an ex Recruitment Consultant, Deborah is well versed in sniffing out a good CV and as an ex HR Director, I can assure you that I did not get beyond what I could see on my laptop screen, if you hadn’t given me what I was looking for on approximately 1 third on your front page, then I moved onto the next CV.  I also have to say, I complete agree with Deborah’s comments on photos on a CV!

If you need help updating your CV, here are Deborah’s ideas and suggestions:

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Recent Posts